Aquamarine Heart


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Aquamarine Puffy Heart #116

Height 41mm

Width 41mm

Thickness 20mm

Aquamarine Meaning

  • Aquamarine is calming, soothing & cleansing Aquamarine inspires truth, trust & letting go.
  • Aquamarine protects travellers & helps with fear of travelling
  • Aquamarine brings courage & allows us to overcome our fears
  • It opens the channels of love & heartfelt communication.
  • An excellent crystal for meditation & revelation, a stone for shamans, healers, & mystics.
  • Works on the throat chakra
  • Aquamarine allows us to overcome the fear of speaking
  • Excellent stone for teachers & public speakers. It helps relax speakers to a place of consciousness in which they can be aware of their own truths, wisdom, feelings & able to communicating them.
  • It allows us to speak clearly & without anger in difficult situations. 
  • It promotes gentle & compassionate energy within
  • Aquamarine encourages a lover to be faithful & helps people with different lifestyles to live together in harmony
  • Helps in communication with sensitive issues that cause quarrels.
  • Aquamarine can be given as a love token or eternity ring & increases commitment & fidelity
  • Aquamarine is an amazing crystal that is deeply healing on the heart