Arfvedsonite Heart


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Arfvedsonite Heart #120

Height: 61mm

Width: 61mm

 Weight 115 grams

Arfvedsonite Meaning / Properties ~

  • Arfvedsonite is excellent in aiding manifestations!
  • Arfvedsonite is great for spiritual growth by clearing the path ahead.
  • Arfvedsonite will help one to re-organize & restructure one’s life by bringing extraordinary insights and positive energies. 
  • When used in meditation Arfvedsonite will help you to enhance psychic visions that may assist you in predicting the future.
  • Arfvedsonite’s vibration is very different from other crystals
  • Arfvedsonite helps one to clear the path ahead by assisting one to awaken to the Divine Light within and anchoring it into your body.
  • Arfvedsonite helps one when feeling depressed by raising one’s vibration so one is able to see hope in the future.
  • Arfvedsonite will allow one to bring through more & more light into your being & body and for it to shine more brightly.
  • Arfvedsonite helps to drain out negative thoughts & feelings & it will aid you to begin to think in completely new & different ways by stimulating positive thoughts & encourages more joyful feelings.