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Atlantisite Meaning

Its a combination of Serpentine & Stitchtite

  • Atlantisite crystal for anxiety & stress
  • It works on the kidneys & stomach to keep them healthy.
  • Atlantisite heals muscle spasms & menstrual pains.
  • Atlantisite assists during recovery from debilitating illnesses.
  • It encourages the healing process on the physical body & treats chronically ill patients
  • Atlantisite helps you to a higher awareness of all your emotions good and bad. This stone will bring joy into your physical existence. Atlantisite helps to strengthen your feelings of love, compassion and caring for yourself and others. Atlantisite helps to clean emotional immaturity and helps to attract love, over and above money. It encourages you to make real promises.
  • Crystal for working on the heart chakra through enhancing one's feelings of security & helping one to establish boundaries in relationships & situations.
  • Said to help ungrounded/naughty children change their behaviour patterns.
  • Comforting for those living alone & helps one to be gentle with ourselves & others.
  • Atlantisite is a calming peaceful crystal that can imbue a room with the same energies while protecting it from negative energies
  • Atlantisite is great for people who tend to have foot in mouth disease & helps them to pause before they speak & assess our intentions.
  • Atlantisite balances moodiness & helps us become more aware of our own emotions whilst instilling a deep inner peace.
  • Atlantisite is a great meditation stone which enables one to access & retrieve ancient wisdom & information about our past lives.
  • Atlantisite is very helpful to access skills & knowledge from our past lives in Atlantis

Hand Carved Atlantisite Skull

Height: 50 mm

Length: 80 mm

Width 47mm

Weight: 225grams

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