Atlantisite Pendant


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Atlantisite Tumbled Pendant #3

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Height: 30mm 

Width: 20mm

Depth: 9mm



  • Atlantisite is a combination of Serpentine & Stitchtite
  • Crystal for working on the heart chakra through enhancing one's feelings of security & helping one to establish boundaries in relationships & situations.
  • Said to help ungrounded/naughty children change their behaviour patterns.
  • Comforting for those living alone & helps one to be gentle with ourselves & others.
  • Atlantisite is a calming peaceful crystal that can imbue a room with the same energies while protecting it from negative energies
  • Atlantisite is great for people who tend to have foot in mouth disease & helps them to pause before they speak & assess our intentions.
  • Atlantisite balances moodiness & helps us become more aware of our own emotions whilst instilling a deep inner peace.
  • Atlantisite is a great meditation stone which enables one to access & retrieve ancient wisdom & information about our past lives.
  • Atlantisite is very helpful to access skills & knowledge from our past lives in Atlantis