Green Kyanite Palm Stone


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Green Kyanite Meaning / Properties #298

  • Kyanite is an extraordinary crystal which opens the mind centers, enhances psychic abilities, bridges gaps in communication, and provides a link for transmitting & receiving healing energy.
  • Kyanite, upon contact, aligns all the chakras & subtle bodies which creates tranquility & a calming effect to the whole being.
  • Kyanite is exceptional for transitioning into deep meditative states
  • Kyanite is 1 of only 3 crystals in the crystal kingdom that never accumulates or retains negative energy ever (the other being citrine & amber)
  • Kyanite never needs cleansing
  • Kyanite's energy is unlimited in its possibilities making it an amazing crystal for metaphysical healing purposes
  • Kyanite is excellent at cleansing & clearing other crystals just by placing them next to them
  • Kyanite has a deeply healing energy & therefore is a favorite amongst energy healers
  • Kyanite is especially useful during the laying on of stones & can be placed on any chakra to send healing energy to any damage done to the aura.
  • Use fan shaped pieces to sweep away any unwanted energies.
  • Keep a piece with you & it will help you out in situations of conflict. 
  • Kyanite is to be used for grounding during meditation.
  • Kyanite is an absolute favourite for meditation 
  • It can be useful to explore past-lives & can also help one to anticipate how current actions can affect future lives.
  • Kyanite promotes good communication & encourages self-expression as well as speaking your truth. 
  • Holding Kyanite when speaking to a group, leading a seminar or team meeting as it can sharpen communication skills
  • Kyanite is especially useful for those who may have lost their way in their lives, are trying to break a cycle of self-destructive behavior
  • Kyanite used within an empowerment crystal grid can help to get you back on track.
  • Also useful to access forgotten childhood memories or for when you cannot remember a word or name simply touch the center of your third eye with Kyanite.
  • Kyanite is great for kids who have trouble interacting with others in social circumstances, 
  • Placing Kyanite in their school bag can help to increase their popularity.

Birth stones for Pisces, Aries, Libra & Taurus

Green Kyanite Palm Stone

Length 64mm

Width 45mm

Weight 79gms

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