Blue Obsidian Skull


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Blue Obsidian Meaning #190

  • Blue Obsidian helps with astral travel, divination & amplifies telepathic abilities.
  • Blue Obsidian activates the throat chakra & facilitates communication
  • Blue Obsidian opens up the aura to receive healing energy.
  • Blue Obsidian helps with speech defects, eye disorders, Alzeimer's disease, schizophrenia & multiple personality disorder.
  • When Blue Obsidian is placed on your body it will ease pain.
  • Obsidian is an excellent grounding, protection & transmutation stone.
  • Blue Obsidian can stimulate visioning during meditation.
  • Blue Obsidian helps all forms of communication & lingual skills

  • Blue Obsidian helps with divination, psychometric & psychic development pursuits.
  • Blue Obsidian provides intuitive knowledge when travelling.Blue Obsidian enhances creativity.

Blue Obsidian Skull 

Made from man made Obsidian

Length 34mm

Width 26mm

Height 24mm