Blue Tigers Eye Bat Pendant


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Blue Tigers Eye/Hawks Eye Bat Pendant

Hand carved just for our customers and unique

Width 34mm

Height 46mm

Thickness 18mm

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Blue Tigers Eye Meaning

  • Blue Tigers Eye works on the throat & 3rd chakras therefore useful for throat & voice issues & communication. 
  • Tigers Eye has long been known as a crystal of luck & good fortune & can invite a steady flow of money to your home. 
  • An excellent crystal for entrepreneurs & those with new businesses 
  • Tigers Eye gives us courage & invites us to “step out of the box” in order to grow & challenge one’s self and try something new. 
  • Tigers Eye is an excellent crystal for determination & overcoming fear 
  • When worn or carried Tigers Eye can increase insight & perception in regards to the negative intentions of others. 
  • Tigers Eye can sharpen your senses & help you pay attention to details & prepare for positive action. 
  • Tigers Eye can help in resolving a crisis & provide support when you are afraid of making the wrong decision. 
  • Use Tigers Eye’s energy to boost your will power, emotional stability & energy levels when working through life changes. 
  • Blue Tigers Eye can reduce cravings for unhealthy foods & helps you decrease the need for binges including excessive smoking cigarettes, drugs & alcohol. 
  • Tigers Eye can reduce anxiety caused by feelings of isolation or inadequacy. 
  • Tigers Eye is known as the crystal of balance & practicality & is remarkable for soothing tensions in families & relationships.
  • Tigers Eye promotes harmony between people with differing points of view, religious beliefs or approaches to life to enable them to see both sides of the coin & find common ground.