Cavansite Specimen


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Cavansite Meaning #212

  • Cavansite is the crystal that you want around you when you are going through major life changes.
  • Cavansite fills you with courage & confidence during these times of transition.
  • Cavansite, when used in meditation, radiates warmth & heartfelt energy! 
  • Cavansite will help you to understand & come to peace with of your past experiences & help you accept the lessons that you have had difficulty in accepting in the past. It will invite to accept them with joy, caring & optimism.
  • Cavansite can enhance our ability to connect with higher realms & create clear communication with the spirit world & helps you to retain the information that you received from your spiritual journeys.
  • Cavansite crystal will help you develop your psychic talents & enhance your intuition & create clearer communication with your spirit guides & angels
  • Cavansite is a magic crystal for deeply calming & comforting us especially during times of grief and loss.
  • Cavansite will help us to relieve our stress & invite us to let go of anything that causes us upset,  tension & anxiety.
  • Known as the stone of truth, Cavansite invites you to accept yourself for the difference you be & who you be & will invite you to accept others for who they are & what they are choosing
  • Cavansite gives you access to the Akashic records when used in meditation which the records of all souls

Length 60mm

Width 30mm

Weight 34gms