Celestite Cluster


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Celestite Cluster

Weighs 70 grams

Width 36mm

Length 48mm

Height 30mm

Celestite Meaning

  • Celestite is a magical crystal that invites purity of heart, hope & good fortune
  • Celestite is a crystal of heavenly communication & helps with connecting with angelic beings & for inviting in one’s guardian angels. 
  • It can be used to seek Divine guidance, protection & healing as well as allowing you to communicate with loved ones who have passed over to receive their guidance.
  • Celestite invites self love & self care
  • Celestite helps with relaxation, dream recall & balancing our feminine and masculine sides.
  • Celestite is a great crystal for stress & worry due to its calming nature.
  • Celestite, when placed in the bedroom, can decrease the incidences of nightmares, calm racing thoughts & invite a sense of tranquility & peace
  • Celestite has a very high vibrational frequency that emanates in all directions which radiates a beautiful soft, positive energy that will cleanse the surrounding environment &  heal your aura. 
  • Celestite can calm your fears & still a chaotic mind helping with calm
  • Celestite will also help with recalling your dreams & astravel travelling. It will stimulate intuitive capacities especially clairvoyant & clairaudient ones. 
  • Celestite is a crystal for artisians, musicians, designers or anyone who works with creativity and needs to expand their ideas.
  • Celestite placed in an area that has become heavy with emotional energy or negativity can cleanse the environment & fill it with positive energy. 
  • Celestite is a perfect support stone for dispelling worries and fears, suspicions, or paranoia, helping one to feel safe and protected.
  • When placed in the office it will combat stress & intimidation
  • Wherever it is placed it will attract angelic energies & purify the space from high anxiety or bringing one back to a calm & centered state during a panic attack. 
  • A great crystal  for those who work in a spiritual related business to be prosperous & present while maintaining one’s ethics & connection to the spiritual world.