Clear Quartz Chlorite Phantom Generator


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Chlorite Phantom meaning

  • Chlorite Phantom Crystals are one of the most powerful physical healers which assists you in achieving balance, health & realignment of our being with our body. 
  • Chlorite Phantom Quartz creates a stronger connection to your healing guides & to the earth. During meditation Chlorite Phantom can assist us to journey within to find the source of your/someone else’s physical ailments. 
  • Chlorite Phantom Crystals protect our bodies from radiation, EMF & can help to stabilise our energy & cells during cancer radiation therapy
  • Chlorite Phantoms are also known as Ghost Crystals or Shadow Crystals. Chlorite comes in different colours in green, red, black or white clinochlore which can be found but are less commonly found in Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz & Danburite. 
  • Chlorite Phantoms have been used by healers to cleanse one’s aura, chakras, meridians & environment & also to detoxify the physical body.

Chlorite Phantom Generator 

This piece is one from my personal collection!

Weighs 555 grams 

 Width 7cm

Depth 5.7cm

Height 10cm

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