Cobalt Aura Arrowhead Pendant


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Cobalt Aura Obsidian Arrowhead Pendant #5

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Height 56mm

Width 29mm

Thickness 12mm

Cobalt Aura Obsidian Meaning 

Obsidian bonded with Cobalt

  • Cobalt Aura removes restlessness & discontentment & brings in deep joyful moments. 
  • Cobalt Aura stimulates the throat Chakra & removes any obstacles of self-expression that may being holding you back in life, relationships or at work. 
  • This crystal increases our natural clairvoyance & healing powers 
  • Cobalt Aura when worn can help with the transition from doing our personal spiritual work to becoming a professional light worker. 
  • Cobalt Aura combines our bodies own innate healing powers with higher cosmic healing & especially useful when an illness is not responding to any other treatments.