Cobalto Calcite Pendant


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Cobalto Calcite tumbled pendant

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Height 26mm

Width 22mm

Cobalto Calcite Meaning

  • Cobalto Calcite is a crystalline Calcite formation. 
  • It integrates the energies of love, compassion & understanding into all our chakra’s.
  • Cobalto Calcite invites tolerance, forgiveness & unconditional universal love. 
  • Cobalto Calcite is amazing for relieving anxiety, depression & stress. 
  • Cobalto Calcite’s energy melts & dissolves any resistance or blockages we have to loving ourselves in order to honor our bodies as the beautiful temple of our soul. 
  • Caring for you means taking care of yourself and choosing food, thoughts & choices that nurtures you rather than choosing against you. 
  • Cobalto Calcite is especially useful for healing people who have been assaulted in any way. 
  • Cobalto Calcite is great for heart conditions, kidney and uterine disorders.
  • Cobalto Calcite is a strong heart centred crystal which invites forgiveness & healing. 
  • Carrying Cobalto Calcite on you will help release fears & grief that has trapped your love from any past choices. 
  • It can increase our self-worth & self-love through its soft, loving energy that will help dissolve any resistance you have to deep emotional healing by tapping into the vibration of Divine love. 
  • Cobalto Calcite invites us to see the silver lining around the clouds of life’s sorrows & is deeply comforting in times of loneliness & isolation. 
  • On a physical level it can be used to heal nervous conditions & alleviates anxiety, grief, trauma & stress tension. 
  • Cobalto Calcite when placed under your pillow will prevent nightmares & terrors
  • Provides insight, unconditional love, wholeness, well-being, health & empathy 


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