Angelite Candle Holder


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Angelite Meaning #114

Angelite Candle Holder

Suits standard tea lights

Length 115mm

Width 100mm

Height 32mm

Weight 753 grams

  • Angelite can be your crystal guardian angel.
  • Angelite emits gentle & reassuring energy that help you to keep you calm & guide you through difficult times.
  • Angelites properties invite us to heighten our awareness & protect to our entire body.
  • Angelite promotes compassion & peace .
  • Angelite is a powerful crystal that will help you to transform any tension, anger or stress into understanding & forgiveness.
  • Angelite brings wholeness, spiritual inspiration & deeply healing energies.
  • Angelite promote feelings of peace & tranquility within us.
  • Amazing crystal if you are struggling to let go of pain & finding a place of true forgiveness
  • Angelite allows you to see situations from a higher perspective by taking away the control your pain you have given over you.
  • With Angelite you can learn to trust & forgive again— especially if the person you need to trust & forgive is you.
  • Angelite crystal is magic for connecting you to universal knowledge
  • It invites us to heal through recognizing that all pain passes in time.