Ruby in Fuchsite Pendant


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Ruby in Fuschite Pendant

Comes with chord

Width 30mm

Height 35mm

Ruby In Fuchsite meaning / properties ~

  • Ruby in Fuchsite brings together the qualities of Ruby & Fuchsite to create a powerful Heart Stone. 
  • Ruby Fuchsite clears blockage of the Heart Chakra whilst filling the void with loving healing energies. 
  • Ruby Fuchsite can be used for transforming destructive & negative energies into positively helpful ones.
  • Ruby Fuchsite will open & enhance psychic awareness. 
  • When placed over the Third-Eye can awaken psychic abilities by opening up the Heart to receive information from the Third-Eye Chakra. 
  • Used in any healing modality, Ruby Fuchsite will help to amplify the holders energetic field.
  • Ruby Fuchsite will enhance your connection to the spiritual realms by thinning the veil between this reality and the other dimensions. 
  • Ruby Fuchsite opens & activates the Crown Chakra & will deepen meditative states.
  • On a physical level, Ruby Fuchsite assists with physical vitality, recovery & relief from extended & chronic illness & can assist in strengthening the heart & blood flow/circulation issues.
  • Ruby Fuchsite is wonderful for those who have trouble going to sleep and/or staying asleep.


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