Sunstone Heart Pendant


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Sunstone Heart Pendant 

Comes with chord

Height 40mm

Width 40mm

Thickness 12mm

Sunstone meaning / properties ~

  • Sunstone is associated with luck & good fortune. 
  • Sunstone will clear and energise all the chakras. 
  • Sunstone instills joy, happiness & allows your real self to shine through. 
  • Sunstone dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress & also increases energy & vitality.
  • Sunstone will facilitate self-empowerment & independence through intuition & inner knowing. 
  • Sunstone acts as an antidepressant & increases self worth & confidence. 
  • Sunstone encourages optimism & enthusiasm.
  • Sunstone is an abundant stone inviting money, wealth, unexpected prosperity & happiness. 
  • Wear Sunstone to feel alive & enthusiastic by increasing energy levels & bringing in sunshine into your body & being.
  • Sunstone increases your profile in the workplace & brings opportunities for leadership & promotion. 
  • It protects your finances against those who would drain your energies or finances.

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