Dioptase specimen


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Dioptase specimen #267

Width: 18mm

Height: 27mm

Thickness: 9mm

Weighs 5 grams

Dioptase Meaning

  • Dioptase spiritually is excellent for alignment & attunement with the higher vibratory energies that align with Divine Consciousness
  • Dioptase’s frequency is strongly connected to the heart chakra. 
  • It helps strengthen our emotions by opening the heart chakra & bringing forth compassion & caring for one’s self as well as others.
  • Dioptase crystal activates our “higher heart” by allowing you to be guided by choosing more heart-centered consciousness which can invite so much more joy, peace & emotional balance to our beings.
  • Dioptase invites one to recognize & release any deep emotional patterns & beliefs being held at a cellular level.
  • Dioptase vibrates at the green ray frequency with a strong vibration that encourages compassion & forgiveness. 
  • Dioptase has an energy that invites one to more abundance & richness into your life.
  • Dioptase helps you if you have been feeling 'stuck' & have been struggling to move forward with certain aspects of your  life
  • Dioptase helps one to let go of one’s past & wounds through its vibration of compassion & forgiveness which raises up into the higher spiritual chakras.
  • Dioptase will let one to see the truth in your relationships & to change the dynamics of them that aren’t working for you or just maybe toxic. It may also allow one to release those kind of people from your life so both of you can go forward in your lives.
  • An amazing crystal to work with for those with inner child issues that have never been resolved. Dioptase is a powerful crystal to help one to heal our inner child.
  • Dioptase invites us to let go of undesirable emotions such as jealousy, anger, jealousy & can benefit one to let go of our past & forgive those who you have given your power away too so you can be free.
  • Dioptase invites us to see that by choosing to live a life full of abundance & richness that creates greater for everyone.