Dragons Blood Jasper Bracelet


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Dragons Blood Jasper Meaning & Properties

  • Dragon Blood Jasper magnetizes & attracts money & love & helps you to achieve your goals. 
  • Dragons Blood Jasper resonates deeply to the Heart Chakras energies & help one to hear one’s heart & encourage the energies of love, compassion & forgiveness.
  • On a spiritual level, Dragons Blood Jasper, invites spiritual growth & supports self-healing on that level. Part of that healing process brings self-reflection & helps to dissolve false perceptions so that we can begin to build upon our true selves.
  • Dragon Blood Jasper brings a centered & grounded energy to the wearer or carrier. 
  • Dragons Blood Jasper can stimulate kundalini energy & activates the chakras & will align the meridians. It will also activate the Earth’s kundalini energies also known as Dragon Lines & will help the Earth in healing.
  • On the emotional level Dragons Blood Jasper will help to uplift one’s emotions & invite vitality & joy.
  • On a mental/psychological level, Dragons Blood Jasper is a crystal of personal power which provides strength, courage & helps us face difficulties & to heal any repressed emotional issues. 
  • Dragons Blood Jasper helps with self-esteem & confidence if you are the kind of who is uncomfortable in social settings & gatherings. It will help encourage & support social interaction.
  • On a physical level, Dragons Blood Jasper will enhance fertility & help release any blockages in the base or sacral chakras. 
  • Dragons Blood Jasper supports healing processes, which can encourage recovery & regeneration after a severe illness or over-exhaustion. It also strengthens our immune system, nervous system, brain, thyroid, liver, gall bladder, & digestion in the intestines

Dragons Blood Jasper Chip Bracelet x 1

You will recieve one bracelet

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