Jasper Star Being Pendant


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Hand Carved Jasper Pendant with Tigers Eye eyes

Comes with chord

Height 55mm

Width 42mm


Jasper properties / meaning ~

  • Jasper brings protection, prevents illness, aids in rebirth & new ideas & dream recall. 

  • Jasper corresponds to the base chakra. 

  • Jasper has a very powerful & fiery energy of its own.

  • Jasper will stimulate one’s own energy & protect against misfortune.

  • Jasper helps you to remember your dreams (place under your pillow)

  • Will assist you in asserting your personal boundaries

  • Jasper brings peaceful & calming energies

  • It will assist shamanic journeying & astral travel when used in meditation 

  • Dissipates electromagnetic pollution

  • Assists energetically sluggish digestion and increases your digestive fire

  • Increases supportive nurturing energies during times of illness to aid the healing process

  • Encourages nurturing energies & behaviors

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