Kunzite Specimen


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Natural Kunzite Specimen with natural terminations

Length 30mm

Width 18mm

Thickness 6mm

Kunzite Meaning / Properties ~

  • Pink Kunzite is known as “the Woman's Stone” 
  • Kunzite is very supportive for young or first-time mothers
  • Kunzite is great for babies and over-active children who have trouble sleeping & excellent gift for young women entering puberty to help them love their changing bodies.
  • Kunzite is the perfect crystal for children who have a difficult time adjusting & function in this reality. 
  • Kunzite brings a comforting feeling & cleanses any heaviness that’s accumulated in the aura from negative vibrations, people or situations. 
  • Beneficial for star children & or walk-ins to help them adjust to being on planet Earth. 
  • Kunzite helps those who are grieving a broken heart from loss or separation & also for overcoming heartbreak after a relationship break up. 
  • Kunzite has this soothing power that calms nervousness. 
  • Kunzite In the office is a protective crystal when people bring drama or problems to work.
  • When driving Kunzite guards against road rage and stress & also keeps passengers calm in your vehicle.
  • Carrying Kunzite when visiting places where negative events have taken place. 
  • Kunzite increases intuitive powers & lends a protective vibration against harmful spirits.
  • “Kunzite may be beneficial in treating hormone-linked migraines, the reproductive system in women, puberty in girls, PMS, and menstrual problems.” Eason
  • Kunzite helps with depression & psychiatric disorders & assists those who have suffered from emotional stress.
  • Kunzite is a high vibrational crystal that encourages the letting go of fears & sorrows that has held the heart back in the past or with anxiety of any future things. It invites expression of one’s feelings, healing the mind & heart.
  • Kunzite activates & opens the Heart & aligns it with the violet ray. 

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