Malachite Cat


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Malachite Carved Cat #389

Height 59mm

Width 41mm

Weight 90 gms

Malachite Meaning / Properties

  • Malachite is the Crystal of Transformation which assists one in changing situations & provides support for spiritual growth. 
  • Malachite heals on physical & emotional levels & can draw out impurities & stimulates the Chi throughout the subtle energetic bodies as well as the physical body. 
  • Malachite is a great protection crystal which absorbs negative energies & pollutants from the surrounding atmosphere as well as the body. It also guards against radiation & clears any electromagnetic pollution. 
  • Place Malachite near microwaves, computers & tv’s to help with EMF. 
  • Malachite is a crystal of travel  as it protects & helps overcome fear of flying.  Simply hold  the piece in your hand before your flight and envision yourself in the wings of the Archangel Raphael. It also helps with jet lag & encourages smooth business travel. 
  • Malachite helps those who battle depression & anxiety
  • Malachite heals emotional abuse especially from childhood. 
  • Malachite invites healthy relationships based on unconditional love, respect & caring and not need. 
  • Malachite will also assist in overcoming one’s fear of confrontation or the fear of being seen or noticed by helping one to find the strength within to take one’s rightful place in the Universe.