Orange Calcite Generator


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Orange Calcite Generator #2

Weighs 90 grams

Height 87mm

Depth 27mm

Width 25mm

Orange Calcite Meaning / Properties ~

  • Orange Calcite is a powerful healing stone which contains the element of fire. 
  • Orange Calcite aids in healing emotional issues. 
  • Orange Calcite carries the energies which can repair, restore, strengthen & protect the auras and subtle bodies
  • Orange Calcite energizes & cleanses the chakras especially the sacral 
  • It invites gentle, cleansing & revitalizing energies which open & remove blockages from within the body. 
  • Orange Calcite vibes are highly energizing & supports one’s health & life chi energies.
  • Orange Calcite will help bring balance & harmony to sexual energies
  • Orange Calcite is a great stone for healing oneself mentally as well as the emotions.
  • It heals past live trauma/s by removing fear & helps you to overcome anxiety & depression. 
  • Orange Calcite dissolves problems that are blocking one from reaching their true potential while being in a body
  • This crystal will help boost t developing psychic abilities & intuitive powers
  • An excellent crystal for It overcoming anxiety, depression & lethargy & is wonderful in assisting one to reclaim ones health & vitality. 
  • Orange Calcite can assist with improving business by increasing the flow of money & customers