Peridot Pendant


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Peridot pendant  #2

Height 30mm

Width 9mmmm

Peridot Meaning / Properties ~

  • Peridot is a crystal of happiness & light-hearted vibes.
  • Peridot is an amazing crystal of abundance & prosperity. 
  • When wearing Peridot jewelry it will attract love into your life when placed near one’s heart. 
  • Peridot helps us feel the Universal love which protects your heart & allows you to fall in love with reckless abandon. 
  • Peridot helps to promote abundance, prosperity & happiness in your life. 
  • When placed in the corner of one’s home can invoke powerful energies to bring wealth and well-being into your life. 
  • Peridot when placed over the heart chakra to clear out toxic emotions & allows your being opening up to love. 
  • Peridot clears mental blockages by opening up the mind to infinite possibilities 
  • Peridot crystal healing properties will increase one’s mental focus by opening the mind to learn new things. 
  • Peridot when carried in one’s pocket or worn as jewelry is like antidepressant that it protects one from negative energy while also bolstering one’s sense of self-worth & motivation.