Pink with Blue Capped Tourmaline


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Pink with Blue Cap Tourmaline 

Height 45mm

Width 30mm

Pink Tourmaline meaning / properties ~

  • Pink Tourmaline vibrates with the heart chakra as well the higher heart chakra. 
  • Pink tourmaline is high in lithium which means it’s very calming and excellent crystal for those who suffer from anxiety, depression & panic attacks.
  • Lithium is known to also help emotional & mood related problems.
  • This crystal brings vibrations of love, joy & happiness into one’s life.
  • Great for those feeling dejected, stressed or lacking an interest in their lives this crystal  will re-ignite one’s passion for life & living.
  • It has a strong feminine / yin vibration which will kindle feelings of joy, hope, comfort & support.
  • It will bring more love & good humor back into one’s life & its vibration invites a cheerful frame of mind as well as help to rise above feelings of misery & sorrow.
  • Pink Tourmaline also known as Rubellite is an excellent channeling stone for communication with higher forces & beings. 
  • A great crystal for self love, compassion, promoting feelings of joy & enthusiasm as we release our past hurts. It helps one to trust in the power of love. 
  • It will help one to gain the courage to overcome issues that hold us back such as abusive relationships & negative work situations & simultaneously allows us to recognize how & why we create these issues in our lives.