Pyrite on Quartz Cluster


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Pyrite on Quartz Crystal cluster #493

Weight 70gms

Length 80mm

Height 42mm

Width  30mm


Pyrite meaning / properties ~

  • Pyrite is known as “Fool’s Gold” as it was notoriously mistaken by gold prospectors as real gold. 
  • Pyrite harmonises with Fire energy which symbolizes the warmth & lasting presence of our sun and has the ability to generate wealth by your own power. 
  • Pyrite is masculine in its essence & is a crystal of action, vitality & will which taps into our true abilities & potential
  • Pyrite will help with confidence & the persistence to carry things through to completion.
  • When worn Pyrite is an amazing protector which draws energy from the Earth through one’s physical body into the aura thereby creating a defensive shield against negative energies, environmental pollutants, psychic attacks & bodily harm. 
  • Pyrite’s name is derived from the Greek word pyror pyros, meaning “fire” for its ability to emit sparks when pieces are struck together or against a hard surface. 
  • Pyrite will also guard against control, criticism & manipulation by anyone by lending the power to resist without becoming upset thus shifting the balance of power.
  • When placed in the home or workplace, Pyrite energizes the area surrounding it & brings an increase in energetic vitality. 
  • It also overcomes intellectual / mental fatigue from being overworked & general tiredness of one’s nervous system by increasing & stimulating blood flow to the brain which increases mental clarity, focus & recall. 
  • Pyrite boosts women’s self-worth as well as helping overcome tendencies toward servitude & inferiority. 
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