Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Pendant


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Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Pendant 

Length 30mm drop

Width 18mm

Depth 6mm

Weight 7grams

Moonstone Meaning

  • Moonstone holds the power of the mysteries of the moon itself
  • Moonstone, when worn, will assist the inward journey by taking you deep into the self to retrieve what you feel is missing which is usually the parts of the soul left behind or forgotten from trauma during this or past lives. 
  • Moonstone has long been a connection to the magic of the moon 
  • Moonstone has been used to give protection to travelers when carried was used as a gift to lovers for passion & a channel for prophecy & wisdom. 
  • Moonstone crystal is excellent to calm anxiety & depression
  • Moonstone is a sacred stone in India for lovers & is a traditional wedding gift there.
  • Moonstone was used in Europe to reconcile estranged lovers 
  • Moonstone can cure sleeplessness by placing it under your pillow or on your night stand
  • Moonstone also known as the Traveler's Stone as it aids in protecting the carrier especially at night yet also brings an uplifting quality of hope
  • “Rainbow Moonstone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura.”
  • Moonstone provides psychic protection as well as clears the mind & senses
  • It also aids in lucid dreaming & helps produce a deep calming sleep. 
  • Rainbow Moonstone is aligned with the Goddess, which helps connect with the energies and spirits of Nature as well as from plant devas to galactic consciousness.