Carnelian Egg


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Carnelian Meaning #202

  • Carnelian is a crystal that will make you feel better no matter what is going on
  • Carnelian helps with inspiration, creativity, self esteem,  personal power & courage. 
  • Carnelian aids in digestion & revitalizing the blood. 
  • Carnelian resonates with the Sacral chakra which is associated with creativity & sexuality
  • It is a great crystal for energising & revitalising the body & can also increase fertility if  there are any issues. 
  • Carnelian brings a “rush of warmth & joy that lingers, stimulating & empowering” us
  • Carnelian is a crystal of motivation, stamina, leadership, self esteem & courage
  • Orange stones are extremely helpful aids for training, physical exercise programs & for your bodies energetic levels. 
  • Carnelian attracts prosperity, resourcefulness & good luck. 
  • When worn as a pendant, it invites success in any money-making venture. 
  • When placed in the office it is a crystal of ambition, drive & determination. It keeps away undue pressures of your co-workers & unrealistic expectations of corporations.
  • Carnelian helps support the voice hence known as the Singer's crystal.
  • Carnelian will boost confidence for public performances on stage or in the media. 
  • Carnelian can guard your house from thieves, arson, storms & accidents. 
  • Carnelian empowers us with the courage needed to help overcome difficult situation. 
  • Carnelian crystals can be used for love & for the consummation of love making.
  • Particularly with fertility when trying to conceive a child. Simply place under your pillow and do the funky chicken!
  • “Carnelian will help in rekindling passions that might have faded in an otherwise loving relationship.” - Easton

Carnelian Egg

Weight: 76 grams

Height: 46mm

Thickness: 35mm 

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