Red Tigers Eye Silver Pendant


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Red Tigers Eye/Falcons Eye Silver 925 Pendant

Comes with adjustable black cotton chord 

Length 55mm

Width 25mm


Red Tigers Eye meaning / properties ~

  • Red Tigers Eye can help when you are feeling lethargic & lacking energy.  
  • Red Tigers Eye provides motivation & will help overcome fatigue & lethargy.  
  • Red Tiger’s Eye will boost sex drive & re-ignite passions.
  • It will assist in deflecting unwanted & negative energies.  
  • An excellent crystal for those suffering from anxiety & depression.
  • Tigers Eye in ancient times was used as a talisman against curses & ill wishes & will enhance good luck & bring prosperity.
  • On a physical level, Tiger’s Eye treats the eyes, heals the throat and aids in repairing broken bones.  
  • Tigers Eye will help relieve congestion in the digestive system as well as alleviate pain & dampen an overactive nervous system & overstimulation of the adrenal glands which can reduce stress levels & restore peace & calm to the body.
  • On a mental level Tiger’s Eye will help focus the mind & promote mental clarity which can  assist when solving problems objectively & be clear from emotions.
  • On the emotional level Tiger’s Eye enhances integrity, willpower, courage & practicality.  
  • Red Tigers Eye is helpful for dispelling fear, stress & anxiety.  
  • Tiger’s Eye will build confidence & energise the emotional body bringing a sense of balance.  
  • Balances yin yang, alleviates depression & lifts dark moods by bringing the energy of sunshine into one’s soul.  
  • On a spiritual level Tiger’s Eye can help one get through difficult times without losing courage.  
  • Tiger’s Eye will enhance psychic abilities & balance the lower chakras.  
  • An excellent grounding stone it will assist in meditation by stilling the mind & helping achieve deeper meditative states