Rose Aura Cluster


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Rose Aura Cluster #1

Weighs 5 grams

Length 30mm

Width 21mm

Height 10mm

Rose Aura Quartz meaning ~

  • Rose Aura Quartz allows you regain a bright heart.
  • Rose Aura will give us the energy to move forward & also give us the power to prevent from being hurt again.
  • Rose Aura helps heal negative emotions that can cause exhaustion mentally as well as physically. 
  • Rose Aura Quartz improves self confidence & self esteem within one’s heart allowing you to love yourself on a deeper level.
  • Rose Aura Quartz will increase the vibration of love within your being & body. 
  • It will help attract a good match for you romantically & if already in a relationship will allow you to keep the loving & caring energies within the relationship.
  • Rose Aura will lead you on a path of happiness and love throughout your life