Ruby in Zoisite Heart


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Ruby in Zoisite Heart #649

Depth: 20mm

Width: 45mm

Height: 35mm

Ruby Zoisite meaning / properties ~

  • Ruby Zoisite also known as Anyolite will stimulate the energetic & neural connections between the brain & the heart hence stimulating positive thoughts & feelings. 
  • Ruby Zoisite stimulates feelings of happiness & gratitude which allows you to receive more of it.
  • Ruby Zoisite allows one access to one’s soul memory to help with spiritual learning.
  • Ruby Zoisite is a truly spiritual stone & a powerful aid for those who are spirituality ready to awaken on a deeper level than before.
  • Ruby Zoisite has been associated with improved energy, concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor & compassion. 
  • Ruby Zoisite will stimulate heart chakra & bring spiritual wisdom while shielding against psychic attacks.
  • Ruby Zoisite will encourage a greater passion & a zest for life.  
  • Ruby Zoisite encourages positive dreams & stimulates the pineal gland.  
  • Overcomes exhaustion, lethargy, imparts potency & vigour.  
  • Ruby Zoisite detoxifies the body, blood & lymphatic system & also stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs & spleen.
  • It has a strong life-force energy that makes it an excellent stone to use for healing the body.
  • Due to the vibration of the Ruby stone within it, it embodies within it the energy of the Ruby, and this confers psychic protection, which is another good reason to wear it.