Ruby in Zoisite Worry Stone


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High Grade Ruby in Zoisite Worry Stone #655

Depth: 10mm

Width: 38mm

Height: 46mm

Ruby Zoisite meaning / properties ~

  • Ruby Zoisite will stimulate the energetic & neural connections between the brain & the heart hence stimulating positive thoughts & feelings. 
  • Ruby Zoisite stimulates feelings of happiness & gratitude which allows you to receive more of it.
  • Ruby Zoisite allows one access to one’s soul memory to help with spiritual learning.
  • Ruby Zoisite is a truly spiritual stone & a powerful aid for those who are spirituality ready to awaken on a deeper level than before.
  • Ruby Zoisite has been associated with improved energy, concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor & compassion. 
  • Overcomes exhaustion, lethargy, imparts potency & vigour.