Ruby Kyanite Double Terminator


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Ruby in Kyanite Double Terminator #8

Height 67mm

Width 2mm

Thickness 25mm

Weighs 65 grams

Ruby in Kyanite

  • Ruby in Kyanite is a crystal that encourages you to “follow your bliss.” 
  • Ruby in Kyanite will increase life force energy or “chi” within the body & helps overcomes exhaustion & lethargy & also calms hyperactivity. 
  • Ruby in Kyanite helps you to ground & channel higher vibrational energies into the earth plane. 
  • Ruby in Kyanite gathers & amplifies energy while aligning all the chakras. 
  • It connects the root, solar plexus, throat & third-eye chakras and activates them. 
  • Ruby Kyanite helps you to explore one’s pineal glands abilities without going too far. 
  • One’s psychic abilities will become stronger & also begin to change  one’s mental state with it. 
  • Ruby in Kyanite is an excellent stone for amplifying manifestation.
  • One’s awareness will increase with this crystal.
  • Ruby Kyanite’s combination creates an extremely potent vibration & can have a drastic effect on one’s manifestation capacities. 
  • Ruby in Kyanite will help to rejuvenate & revolutionize one’s entire energetic body & field  by radiating positive energy throughout your entire aura & subtle bodies.
  • These crystals in conjunction with their properties of Ruby & Kyanite produce an energetic vibration that allows one to prevent the accumulation & retention of negative energies throughout your entire being. 
  • Ruby in Kyanite will assist in astral travelling & facilitate deeper meditative states & help with connecting your spirit guides. 
  • Ruby in Kyanite is an excellent crystal that initiates the movement & activation of Kundalini energies.
  • On a physical level Ruby in Kyanite has helped with disorders of the muscular system, throat, parathyroid glands & brain. 
  • Also a great crystal to use during detoxification as well as the treatment of fevers and circulatory constrictions. 
  • Ruby in Kyanite also stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs & spleen therefore helping with regulating & increasing energy levels. 
  • A supportive crystal for those recovering from addictions. 
  • Ruby in Kyanite helps with dream recall and promotes dream-solving.
  • Ruby in Kyanite balances yin-yang energies within the being.


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