Ruby Wildflowers Pendant


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Ruby Wild Flowers Pendant

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Thickness 12mm

Width 22mm

Height 30mm

Ruby meaning / properties ~

  • Ruby helps align one with higher consciousness. 
  • Ruby assists with experiencing & living spirituality in everyday living. 
  • Ruby will remind one to enjoy being in the physical world & everything it has to offer. 
  • Ruby releases the physical imprint in our bodies of past emotional traumas & abuses.
  • Ruby bestows passion & sexuality as a driving force but still prevents any tendencies towards self destruction.
  • Ruby will warm & energise even the heaviest of energies & people renewing a fire within. 
  • On a physical level Ruby stimulates the circulation, menses, & the pituitary gland.
  • Ruby’s energy will re-align you with your inner strength & passion. 
  • It gives you the energy required to live life to its fullest. 
  • Ruby is useful in the treatment of bad circulation in the feet & legs (can cause restless leg syndrome). 
  • Especially useful in the treatment for sexual dysfunction & infertility, 
  • Ruby can be used to regulate one’s weight. 
  • Ruby will stimulate the spleen, adrenal glands & the circulation. 
  • Ruby has long been known as a stone of wealth, royalty and abundance for thousands of years.
  • Ruby invites financial wealth and abundance as well as energetic too

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