Selenite Bowl


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Selenite Bowl 

Diameter 106mm

Thickness 36mm

Weighs 190 grams

Selenite Meaning & Properties

  • Selenite has been said to contain “the liquid Light of Spirit” which inhabits the place between light & matter. 
  • Selenite brings a sense of profound peace. 
  • Selenite has a very high frequency & brings an intensity of energy that surpasses almost all other crystals when it comes to opening, clearing & activating the Crown & Higher Crown chakras. 
  • An amazing meditation crystal which connects to ancient wisdom & knowledge.
  • Facilitates & helps create connection one’s spirit guides as well as the angels & angelic realm. 
  • Selenite is an excellent crystal for accessing & grounding our Light Body which allows for opening one upto the higher levels of the Self. 
  • Selenite can facilitate the advancement of one’s mind & psychic powers including telepathic communication. 
  • Selenite is valued as a great talisman for women as it brings radiance & harmony. 
  • Selenite when carried or worn can attract love, fertility as well as maintaining fidelity.
  • Selenite will induce calm throughout pregnancy & motherhood. 
  • Selenite is excellent when used in crystal grids as they help create a safe, uplifting environment protected from outside energies. 
  • Recommended for children who have a fear of the dark & trouble sleeping & nightmares.
  • Selenite is revered by healers for their purification qualities as they are perfect for different types of energetic cleansing & clearing because of their pure vibration. 
  • Use a blade or chunk of selenite to clear energies & entities & thought forms from one’s own or someone else's aura. 
  • If you have trouble sleeping put selenite under your pillow or bed