Septarian Nodule Heart Bowl


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Septarian Nodule Heart Bowl #740

Width: 110mm

Height: 110mm

Depth: 30mm

Weight: 575 grams 

Septarian Nodule meaning / properties ~

  • Septarian Nodule is an ancient healing crystal also known as “Dragon Stone”.  
  • Septarian Nodule is from the Cretaceous Period around 60 million years ago.
  • Periodic volcanic eruptions killed the smaller sea life which sank to the sea bed and started decomposing. The minerals in the shells and carcasses attracted sea floor sediments which accumulated around the carcasses and formed nodules or mud balls. When the ocean eventually receded, the mud balls dried out and began to shrink and crack into the beautiful patterns that we see inside Septaria nodules.
  •  Septarian Nodule invites us to remember that each of us is born with a great spiritual power inside us & to use that power to shine Light into this world.  
  • Septarian Nodule is a shamanic crystal which helps us to discover our true self & gain better understanding of the mysteries of this world. 
  • Septarian Nodule offers protection whilst astral travelling & providing a deeply earth connection during meditation.  
  • Septarian Nodule will enhance self confidence & courage in the heart.  
  • Septarian Nodule will encourage one to release any need for drama & instead seek calm & peace. 
  • Septarian Nodule helps us find our purpose in life & take action in manifesting it. 
  • Septarian Nodule reminds us to let go of what we know & be open to change & personal evolution in order to become our Highest Self.  
  • Septarian Nodule will provide energy, vitality & stamina to the physical body as well as strengthen the muscles & bones.  
  • It is also believed to help balance the hormones & sugar levels and release toxins.