Serpentine Puffy Heart


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Serpentine Puffy hearts #718

Weight 30gms

Length 18mm

Width 36mm

Height 30mm

Serpentine meaning / properties~

  • Serpentine can heal emotional stress because it will get you in touch with positive ways to integrate situations & emotions into your life. 
  • Serpentine will assist one to heal one’s heart from relationship challenges whether it be the loss of a friend, lover or anyone with whom you have had a relationship. 
  • Serpentine will help you to open your heart & relax into relationships & receiving.
  • Serpentine will soothe the emotional body by allowing one to release fear of change so that you can look to the future without expectations but excitement with what you can manifest. 
  • Serpentine can help those who are more sensitive to the thoughts, feelings, judgements or opinions of other people. 
  • It will help one to feel more confident in oneself & needing others praise or appreciation.
  • Serpentine is a crystal of independence. 
  • Serpentine brings a sense of being protected & invites one to move into new realms & social circles without fear. 
  • Serpentine will help to balance out mood swings by calming nervousness & stress whilst protecting from negative energy effects. 
  • An excellent crystal to help women who are unable to reach orgasm because of tension. 
  • Serpentine will also assist you in overcoming binge eating, bulimia, anorexia as well as overeating.

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