Serpentine with Pyrite Obelisk


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Serpentine with Pyrite Obelisk 

Origin Peru

Weight 145 grams

Width 31mm

Height 90mm

Serpentine meaning / properties~

  • Serpentine will assist one to heal one’s heart from relationship challenges whether it be the loss of a friend, lover or anyone with whom you have had a relationship. 
  • Serpentine can help those who are more sensitive to the thoughts, feelings, judgements or opinions of other people. 
  • Serpentine will help to balance out mood swings by calming nervousness & stress whilst protecting from negative energy effects. 
  • An excellent crystal to help women who are unable to reach orgasm because of tension. 
  • Pyrite harmonises with Fire energy which symbolizes the warmth & lasting presence of our sun and has the ability to generate wealth by your own power.
  • Pyrite is masculine in its essence & is a crystal of action, vitality & will which taps into our true abilities & potential
  • Pyrite will help with confidence & the persistence to carry things through to completion
  • When worn Pyrite is an amazing protector which draws energy from the Earth through one’s physical body into the aura thereby creating a defensive shield against negative energies, environmental pollutants, psychic attacks & bodily harm.