Smoky Citrine Generator


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Smokey Citrine Generator  #3

Weighs 190 grams

Height 79mm

Width 48mm

Depth 38mm

 * It can free stand but may need some blu tak if in a precarious position. 

Smoky Citrine meaning / properties ~

  • Smoky Citrine will remove obstacles & blockages from your path especially if you have felt stuck or in a funk then this crystal is a phenomenal teacher to work with. 
  • Smoky Citrine does not need cleansing since it doesn't hold on to negativity the way other stones 
  • Smoky Citrine imbues one with energies of abundance & will dispel outdated thought patterns that are holding one back. 
  • Smoky Citrine facilitates a deeper expansion & growth of your being while also attracting luck & happiness. 
  • It will invite prosperity, wealth, abundance & business luck like citrine but also has a grounding element to it to keep one connected to the earth. 
  • It blends the best of citrine & smoky quartz properties together making it a powerful crystal 
  • Smoky Citrine also known as “Grounded Manifestation Generators” which help one to anchor one’s dreams into the 3rd dimension as the key to manifestation is grounding & smoky citrine will assist you to ground the energy of the Golden Ray.
  • For more information on this combination please see both crystals individually


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