Sodalite Generator


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Sodalite Generator #2

Height 100mm

Width 16mm

Depth 15mm


Sodalite meaning / properties ~

  • Sodalite creates a soothing effect on overstressed or sluggish adrenal glands. 
  • Sodalite will empower us with a sense of calm to weather the wildest of storms reminding us that rainbows come after the rain. 
  • Sodalite will stimulate our pituitary gland & helps open up one’s spiritual perception. 
  • Sodalite will release our tension & fears & will help transform into feelings of peace, harmony & balance
  • Sodalite allows us to know ourselves at the deepest level by bringing us a renewed sense of confidence & esteem. 
  • Sodalite gifts you special powers that will keep one shielded from the negative forces in our crazy world. 
  • Sodalite is a crystal of creative communication and was carried by sculptors, painters, and artistisans for inspiration. 
  • By meditating with Sodalite it will allow you to go deeper with this third eye crystal
  • Sodalite’s healing vibration connects one with angelic energy. 
  • Sodalite promotes peace & tranquility
  • Sodalite helps one to tap into their creativity while discovering one’s life purpose
  • Sodalite is a valuable addition to one’s crystal collection & you can call forth to its radiating energy whenever one feels stuck in one’s life. 
  • Sodalite brings creative thinking as well as expanded spiritual awareness through the  stimulation of the throat chakra which is known as the energy center of communication & translator for one’s soul. 
  • This crystal will also support one’s deepest dreams & make them a reality.