Sugilite Pendant


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Sugilite Pendant #A

Height 41mm

Width 30mm

Thickness 5mm

Sugilite meaning / properties ~

  • Sugilite is a must have crystal for those who are highly sensitive & take on whatever energies are around them. 
  • When worn or carried, Sugilite creates a warm & protective shield of Light which keeps one impervious to negativity as well as the disharmony of other people. 
  • When placed on the Third Eye, Sugilite will bring comforting energy & gentle loving vibrations to bring more peace & harmony. 
  • Hold Sugilite & allow any pain & negative energies to be transferred into it. 
  • Sugilite encourages a sense of freedom.
  • Sugilite is suggested for children to help them feel safe & centered & to adapt to changes in their world. 
  • Place Sugilite underneath your pillow to counter insomnia, ward off nightmares & encourage joyful & empowering vivid dreams. 
  • A great crystal for children to boost their confidence & ease social situations & provides extra support for children with autism, dyslexia and other learning abilities.
  • Sugilite is a powerful loving crystal which can attract kindred spirits of the heart & spirit
  • Useful for spiritual quests which also protects your soul from all forms of negativity & enhances your psychic powers. 
  • Sugilite will also increase one’s channeling ability. 
  • Sugilite is extremely helpful for those who struggle in social situations with feeling socially awkward, suffer from mental illness or who simply feel Earth is not their home. 
  • Sugilite will help with eliminating anger, hostility & jealousy.

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