Sonora Sunrise Skull Pendant


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These are all hand carved and as you can see each piece has very unique and distinct markings. Skull carvings in this stone are rare.

Height 32mm

Width 23mm

Thickness 7mm


Sonora sunrise meaning / properties

  • Sonora Sunset also known as sonora sunrise is a combination of both Cuprite & Chrysocolla.
  • The energies of Sonora Sunrise hold the potency of copper which has countless healing properties for the body including inflammation of the joints, accelerated healing process & increased energy levels.
  • Sonora Sunrise will help you to feel supported, important & secure. 
  • Sonora sunrise will activate & open one’s base chakra which allows one’s life force energy to flow without impediment.
  • Sonora Sunrise will melt away one’s stress & worries. 
  • If things get overwhelming you can always count on Sonora Sunrise to whisk your worries away.
  • Sonora Sunrise is extremely helpful in regards to women’s reproductive issues such  as PMS, menopause, cramps, menstruation, hormonal imbalance & fertility. 
  • Sonora Sunset is also beneficial for those suffering from dizziness, vertigo, arthritis, rheumatism or cramps.
  • Sonora Sunset will attract prosperity, opportunities, wealth & luck.
  • Sonora Sunset discharges negative energies, calms then allows truth & wisdom to come forth. 
  • It is a very peaceful stone & emphasizes the power of words & actions have on the people & world around us. 
  • Sonora Sunset as the Crystal of the Goddess & those who resonate with it will likely feel her ancient & enduring energies rising within themselves.

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