Tektite Pendant


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Tektite Natural Pendant #B

Comes with chord

Tektite is also known as Meteorite

Height 37mm

Width 30mm

Tektite meaning / properties ~


  • Tektite is one of the few crystals that aren’t from Planet Earth but from outer space known also as a type of meteorite
  • Tektite is particularly known for being able to raise one’s vibrations & strengthening one’s aura which makes it an ally for those wanting to spiritually advance during this lifetime. 
  • When one meditates with Tektite it will expand one’s consciousness beyond all your current limitations & bring deeper insights into why you create the current situations or problems you have.
  • A great crystal for those who struggle with negative entities place Tektite under your pillowcase to help deter them. 
  • When worn or carried Tektite can activate & enhance one’s psychic abilities such as telepathy, lucid dreaming & astral travel. 
  • And also when carried or worn when doing your spiritual work may begin to experience a thinning of the veil between dimensions.
  • Tektites invite healing vibrations which help to increase the vibration of human beings.
  • Tektite will create a powerful connection between all the chakras opens up the free flow of energy throughout all the subtle bodies. 
  • On a physical level Tektite will help to enhance & accelerate healing from illness & injuries. 

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