Tiffany Stone Raven Skull


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Tiffany Stone Carved Raven Skull Pendant

Uniquely carved for our customers 

Comes with cotton chord

Length 56mm

Width 23mm

Weight 20gm

Tiffany stone meaning / properties ~

  • Tiffany Stone is a high vibrational crystal also known as Bertrandite which is opalised fluorite.
  • Tiffany Stone will help you to develop your psychic abilities.
  • Tiffany Stone will connect the heart & thymus chakra by bringing through loving vibrations & feelings.
  • Tiffany Stone has a healing vibration in the physical body. 
  • It will release blockages that will enhance & boost your sex life through those higher loving vibrations.
  • Tiffany Stone only comes from one place in the world Utah, USA. 
  • Tiffany Stone will help you commune & receive guidance from the higher realms by directing all energy through the third eye chakra, crown & soul star chakra. 
  • Tiffany Stone vibrates strongly with the higher chakra & fills your being with unconditional love.
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