Tigers Eye Silver Pendant


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 Tigers Eye Pendant #2

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Length 55mm

Width 35mm

Thickness 3mm

Golden Tiger's Eye meaning / properties

  • Golden Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of luck & good fortune which will attract a steady flow of money. 
  • Golden Tiger’s Eye is a great crystal for entrepreneurs & those starting up a new business 
  • Tiger’s Eye helps one to find the courage to step out of the box & grow & challenge your creative talents & physical abilities. 
  • A crystal for students to overcome anxiety during exams, competitions, public performances or just putting yourself out there in whatever way.
  • When worn or carried, Tiger’s Eye will sharpen the senses & help one to focus. 
  • Use Gold Tiger’s Eye to boost one’s will power, emotional stability & energy levels when going through big life changes & health improvement routines. 
  • Golden Tiger’s Eye brings the energies & attributes of the sun’s energy into your life & body which creates a sunny disposition for the carrier.
  • An excellent crystal for those suffering from anxiety, depression & stress & brings feeling of sunny optimism, joy & happiness.
  • Golden Tiger’s Eye renews feelings of passion & recharges one’s sexual desires & energies.
  • Tiger’s Eye will also reduce cravings for unhealthy foods while decreasing the need for binges, excessive cigarettes, prescription drugs & or alcohol to live a healthier life. 
  • Tiger’s Eye will reduce feelings of anxiety & depression caused by feelings of isolation or inadequacy.
  • Tiger’s Eye is a must have crystal for soothing tensions in families & relationships where differences of opinion or expression are causing problems & upset. 
  • Tiger’s Eye will promote harmony for people with diverse viewpoints, beliefs or approaches to life so each can see both sides & common ground.