Tigers Iron Palm Stone


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Tigers Iron Palm Stone #2

Height 48mm

Width 40mm

Thickness 7mm

Tiger Iron meaning ~

  • Tiger Iron is a combination of Red Jasper, Tigers Eye & Hematite also referred to as Muggle Stone.
  • Tiger Iron is one of the most powerful of all the grounding crystals.  
  • TIger Iron facilitates self healing & also encourages self care, personal power & mental clarity.  
  • Tiger Iron will bring strength, stamina as well as energy to body & being.  
  • Tiger Iron is a very protective stone for those who tend to be spacey or ungrounded in the physical plane. 
  • Tiger Iron will enable one to feel more confident & capable of creating one’s reality outside the realm of what everyone is choosing.
  • Typically it has been used as a grounding stone to help with stamina & will encourage creative expression.
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