Golden Topaz Pendant


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Golden Topaz Tumbled Pendant

Comes with chord

 Height 25mm

Width 12mm

Golden Topaz Meaning ~

  • Golden or Imperial Topaz  invites the nobility of spirit, personal will as well as the powerful ability to manifest & actualise your desires. 
  • Topaz will activate your base, sacral & solar plexus chakras with the Crown therefore causing an increase in the ability to channel your own energy & Universal energy into form. 
  • Topaz is a crystal of creativity & intention which generates abundance within your highest path. 
  • Golden Topaz is an excellent crystal for attunement to the highest vibrational  forces in the universe.
  • Topaz can also be used to store information & energy. 
  • It has the ability to recharge you spiritually & physically and will boost your faith & optimism by increasing your confidence & self-worth. 
  • This crystal will support those who are seeking fame as it increases your charisma & will attract helpful people while simultaneously inspiring you to remain generous, humble & open-hearted. 
  • The vibrations of Golden Topaz help with enhancing relaxation & stimulate deep feelings of peacefulness.
  • Topaz is a wonderful crystal for meditation & helps to connect you to the Ascended Masters & Archangels.


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