Green Garnet Slice


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Garnet Meaning / Properties ~ #295

  • Garnet can eliminate toxins in the body. 
  • Garnet will help with acne, low sex drive, rheumatoid arthritis as well as some psychological illnesses. 
  • Garnet brings a very protective energy which can also be very calming. 
  • Garnet when placed under your pillow will alleviate bad dreams & nightmares. 
  • Shaman’s have used it to heal depression & anxiety. 
  • Garnet is the crystal you want to have around in a crisis. Garnet works to activate & strengthen one’s survival instincts injecting courage & hope into the situations. 
  • Garnet are known to bring luck to the carrier especially in relation to love & business success. 
  • Garnet will increase one’s positivity, popularity, self-esteem & confidence. 
  • Garnet invites success in business & business relationships. 
  • Garnet brings a grounding yet fiery energy which will bring motivation & action. 
  • Garnet invites a revitalizing & energizing vibration which also balances which can protect against negative psychic energies & attacks.
  • Garnet also helps to regain the spirit, calming sadness & emotional pain especially with helping those who have gone through turmoil & upheaval to get back on their feet again & with it a new passion for life & living.

Tsavorite/Green Grossular Garnet Slice 

Weight 102gms

Length 78mm 

Width 55mm

Thickness 10mm 

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