Yellow Apatite


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Yellow Apatite no. 2

Naturally terminated Yellow Apatite from South Africa

Weighs 4 grams 

Length 21mm

Width 7mm

Thickness 7mm

Yellow Apatite meaning / properties ~

  • Apatite empowers us to achieve personal, financial & spiritual goals. 
  • Yellow Apatite is a Crystal of Manifestation of wealth & abundance
  • Yellow Apatite also known as Golden Apatite brings mental clarity, strength of will & manifestative energies. 
  • Yellow Apatite invites a sunny-like spiritual energy to one’s aura & being which inspires hope & passion for life & at the same time instilling a sense of self-worth & confidence. 
  • Yellow Apatite is a crystal which facilitates learning information that helps in the manifestation of one's dreams & desires. 
  • Yellow Apatite is composed of the mineral phosphate that is made up of teeth & bones of vertebrate animals
  • Yellow Apatite is a crystal of the future that invites possibilities with the creation of abundance & wealth. 
  • Yellow Apatite invites one to be more outgoing & optimistic as well increasing the drive & passion to get things done.
  • Yellow Apatite is a great crystal ally when starting new ventures.

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