Zebra Jasper Star Being


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Zebra Jasper Star Being with Labradorite eyes 

Weight 121grams

Length 48mm

Width 34mm

Height 44mm

Zebra Jasper meaning / properties ~

  • Zebra Jasper brings the vibrations of balance through unification of the masculine & feminine also known as Yin-Yang. 
  • Also balances one’s chakras and physical, intellectual, emotional & etheric bodies.
  • Zebra Jasper is known as the Anti-apathy crystal as it allows one to be optimistic & gives one energy to tackle your problems. 
  • Zebra Jasper will encourage us to dare to dream big & to find the courage to actualise those dreams into reality. 
  • Zebra Jasper will also ground us & allow us to tune into Mother Earth & discover the joy & beauty in your life & surroundings.
  • On a physical level Zebra Jasper will helps with kidney/bladder problems & improves one’s skin & alleviates muscle spasms.
  • Jasper brings an energy of calm whilst grounding us into the present. 
  • Jasper will help bring one's scattered energies in to action where its most required. 
  • Jasper will aid one in resolution of difficult situations. 
  • Jasper can transmute heavier energies into higher vibrations.

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