About Us

 Welcome to Pure Lightness Crystals & Jewellery.
We are a family owned business including my wife Diva, my son Raven & me Simon. Our joyful passion & love of crystals has been an affair that has spanned in this lifetime for over 20 years.
All our crystals at Pure Lightness are hand picked by the wonderful people we work with, & ethically sourced around the globe.
We love our planet and because of this we make it a point to support companies and individuals who believe in working with the Earth and the communities in which they all live. 
I, Simon, personally fell in love with crystals when I completed my Reiki One Degree in 1997. I had an amazing experience with a tumbled Bloodstone whereby as I was holding it and giving it Reiki. It started burning in my hands to the point that I yelled out loud. From there it was a love, fascination & passion of mine and still is till this day. My wife was introduced to quartz from a young age by her cousin in Colombia who opened her up to the magic and mysteries that these beautiful crystals can offer us when we allow them.
We now search the world for the crystals that desire to find you and we pride ourselves in making that process as easy possible. 
We take great pride in the business we have created and the service we deliver.
If there is anything we can source for you please feel free to email us directly. Finding treasures is a personal joy for us so we are always happy to help.
We hope we can bring you a crystal that brings you a lot of joy, healing & blessings & greater possibilities than you ever imagined possible!
If you would like to buy crystals online and have any questions at all, then get in contact with us.
Simon, Diva & Raven
Pure Lightness
Noosa Heads, QLD
Email: info@purelightness.com.au
ABN: 27 466 823 580