Blue Apatite Silver Necklace


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Blue Apatite Silver 925 Pendant #4

Comes with chord

Found in Madagascar

Length 44mm

Width 25mm

Weight 12 grams

Blue Apatite Meaning

  • Blue Apatite is an excellent personal power crystal that helps us to achieve goals.
  • Blue Apatite has the ability to clear away confusion, apathy & negativity
  • This crystal stimulates our awareness to expand knowledge & truth for personal growth & the collective good. 
  • Blue Apatite is the Crystal for Manifestation so keep a piece on your altar or meditate with it when you are asking for something to show up in your life
  • Blue Apatite is a spiritual stone which is very cleansing on the aura, especially on the mental level
  • Blue Apatite is amazing when doing past-life or alternate-dimension work due to its ability to access the Akashic records which is where a person’s soul patterns exist. 
  • Blue Apatite is great for creative problem solving & for vertical vision to see multiple levels of consciousness operating simultaneously & harmoniously.
  • Blue Apatite is a highly motivational stone which promotes independence & ambitiousness
  • Blue Apatite corresponds to the throat Chakra 
  • Blue Apatite aids in public speaking & facilitating groups of people 
  • An amazing crystal which improves concentration & memory skills so it’s great for studying purposes. It also helps in time management on projects so place it in the office or on a students desk
  • Blue Apatite is helpful with unemployment or when your work hours have been reduced to find alternative employment.
  • Blue Apatite when used as a dreamtime crystal can access the subconscious for creative problem solving, exploring past lives & karmic lessons.
  • Apatite is a crystal of the future & brings knowledge to those who are attuned to it. 
  • Blue Apatite when carried or worn has successfully suppressed hunger & facilitate weight loss